FedNews approver list

  • The approval categories below reflect the Federation University organisational chart
  • Approvers will be able to approve items in all child sections of the associated Portfolio/School/Section
  • If an approver is not listed, or listed incorrectly, please send the sections and names via FedNews feedback
School/Section/Portfolio Approver(s)
Federation University Australia Paul Battista
Vice-Chancellor's Office Andrea Davies,Camilla Barker,Lauren Musgrove,Sally Bedggood
Academic Andy Smith,Sally Bedggood
Aboriginal Education Centre Andrea Davies,Sam Henson
Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) Adam Barbary,Nina Fotinatos,Tulsa Andrews
School of Arts Andrew Hope,April Jones,Rebecca Harris
School of Education Claire McLachlan
School of Science, Psychology and Sport Dara Twomey,Jennifer Mosse
School of Health Lanie Theodore,Wendy Cross
School of Engineering, IT and Physical Sciences Bec Davis,Syed Islam
Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimisation (CIAO) Alex Kruger
Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) Iqbal Gondal
Federation Business School Christina Lee,Jo-Anne Williams,Sarah Doonan
Federation TAFE Darren Gray,Maxine Linane
Building and Construction TBC
Federation College TBC
Food, Rural Sciences and Service Industries TBC
Manufacturing and Engineering TBC
Teaching, Innovation and Apprenticeships Development TBC
Library Services Carmel Grant,Kay Steel,Marion Slawson,Sue Owen
Academic Services & Support Andrew Evans
Registrar Claire Shaw
Student HQ Sharron Watson-Ross,Ben Watson
Registrar Services Sharon Austin
Scheduling Services TBC
Admissions Retention and Success Helen Sutton
Student Experience Greg Jakob,Marianne Drake
Student Advisory Service Elizabeth Luciani
Student Development Jo van Son
Student Engagement TBC
Career Development and Employment TBC
Health and Wellbeing Lucinda Bilney
Scholarships TBC
Equity and Diversity Heather Marsh
Chief Operating Office Andrea Davies,John Blair,Lauren Musgrove,Sally Bedggood
Data Analysis and Reporting Justin Gilbert
Human Resources Deborah Walker,Grady Snowden,Shelley Nash
Procurement Richard Harris
Strategic Planning TBC
Student Finance Megan Briggs
Corporate Governance TBC
Council TBC
Internal Audit TBC
Risk, Health and Safety Alan Saunders,Didier Leclere
University General Counsel Adrian Tinetti
Academic Secretariat Lisa Francis,Shona Adams
Academic Board Elisa Zentveld
Policy and Quality Services Rebecca Johnson,Vicky Hodgson
Marketing Cindy McKenzie,Giuseppe Marino,Kara Hodgson,Liz Quinn,Renae Nolan
Information Technology Services Andrew Matheson,Ben Cushing,Leigh Vincent,Sahar Oujil
Campus Life Melanie Coffey
Facilities Services Gaye Curtis,Keith Caldwell,Russell Hardy
Technology Park Jeffrey Pulford
Research and Innovation Emily Hearnshaw,Lauren Musgrove
Research centres TBC
Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) Helen Thompson
Emeritus Professor Robert HT Smith Personal Chairs TBC
Research Services Amy Hunter,Lauren Musgrove
Nanya Station TBC
Higher Degrees by Research TBC
Other TBC
Partnerships and Commercial Engagements Vanessa Brady
Centre for University Partnerships (CUP) Adrian Tinetti
International Providers and ESOS Compliance TBC
Planning and Regional Partnerships TBC
Heads of Campus Andrea Davies,Lauren Musgrove,Sally Bedggood
Western Campuses Geoffrey Lord,Robyn Dunn
Corporate Communications Kara Douglas,Kim Healey
Public Relations Kara Douglas
FedUni Foundation Pam Sutcliffe,Rebecca Perovic